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TFM-CDLS Cloud Data Logger System

TFM-CDLS Cloud Data Logger System

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TFM-CDLS Cloud Data Logger System

Low Cost Cloud Datalogger for Flow Meters IoT Sensor Bridge With e-mail Notifications for 0-5, 4-20 & ModBus signals. Note: One ModBus channel or serial device per CDLS

One Minute Video Overview shows How the Low Cost Cloud Datalogger  works...

See the 1 Minute and 30 second video below to learn WHAT the device is and how it works and how it will benefit you.


Cut Sheet Tactical Flow CDLS, Cloud Data Logging System

Monitor flow meters with a SmartPhone and/or online on a Windows PC for hundreds of dollars versus multiple thousands with conventional industrial cloud monitoring systems.

Ever need to know that the flow rate from your flow meter remotely, and on your Cell Phone? The Tactical Flow Meter CDLS can easily provide this time saving feature. You may NOW automate your factory floor for less with the latest technology using your local internet connection.

Tactical Flow CDLS, Cloud Data Logging System, List Price $500 configured with Tactical Flow Meter devices.

The TFM CDLS, Tactical Flow Cloud Data Logging System, uses either the analog outputs and/or the Modbus RTU communication from all Tactical Flow Meters or other devices using Modbus RTU devices to send the data to the cloud for data monitoring and control. As well, the system has the ability to send notifications for alarm values as well as logging the data to an Excel file. Typical systems can be logged at once every 10 minutes and not exhaust the 1 million data points per month. The annual subscription is automatic with a Credit Card on file. When the subscription ends the online data is no longer available for new data. The annual subscription is $365 for 1 million data points per year. 

  • 24 VDC Power
  • I/O
    - (1) CDLS IoT bridge to Smart Phone and PC
    - (1) ModBUS RTU node
    - (4) discrete I/O points
    - (2) analog inputs
    - Prioritized push and email notifications for alarm points
  • Unlimited, real time and user configurable Dashboards
  • Downloadable data: CSV file format and scheduled email reports
  • 1 Million data points per month for $365/year.
  • 1 Million data points may be shared across multiple TFM-CDLS units
  • Data is saved on the Cloud for 6 months.

The CDLS must be within a good Internet Connection and you will want to pair it with your SmartPhone via Bluetooth. Commissioning is very easy with step by step instructions.

Video below shows you in 3 minutes How to Download data from a scheduled data set sent to your email.

 Below we see the notice Google sends after you grant access to your Gmail account. This is MUCH EASIER than getting large company IT folks to allow Macro Access to your Company Excel as Excel is close to the number 1 "portal" for virus entry. You may take solace in knowing the "firewalls" within Google are better than nearly EVERY large company software firewall system. Just delete it to keep your mailbox clean if you wish.

WHY DID WE PROVIDE an analytics module? Because it makes viewing the data EASY and simple to move to Excel once downloaded. It is not required to use it.

Google Macro Access Granted