4" Modulating Control Ball Valve

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4" 150# ANSI Flange Modulating Control Ball Valve, 304 SS

4" 150# ANSI Flange Modulating Ball Valve 4-20 mA Control

Quick User Guide

Link Click the link, to see an exemplary video of the valve and how to hook up and note response time for this example 1" FNPT Ball Valve. The same controller scheme is used for this 4" 150# ANSI Flange. The Controller is sized for the 4" Ball Valve.

2" Modulating Vontrol Valve

Integrate with a PID controller to use the 4-20 mA Flow Signal and provide a setpoint to the PID Controller to attain the desired setpoint.


4” ANSI Modulating Ball Valve Specs:

150# ANSI Size


Maximum working pressure

1.6 MPA, 232 PSIG

Fluid medium

Fluid, air

Rated voltage

24 VDC 4 Amps max, 3.6 A running

control signal

4-20mA for off to full open, Programmable

Wiring control methods

2 wire control with feedback signal

Open/close time

≤ 10 Seconds

Valve Body material

304 SS

Actuator material

Cast Aluminum and 304 SS

Sealing material


Actuator rotation


Torque force

15NM / 133  in LBF

Environment temperature

-15℃ to 60℃

Liquid temperature

2℃ to 90℃

Manual override




Enclosure Rating


Locked-rotor Current

3 A

Locked-rotor Delay Time


User Interface
2" Modulating Valve User Interface