How the Thermal Mass Flow Meter Works and Technology

The video below shows how the Tactical Flow Meter works and what advantages it has over conventional Thermal Mass Flow meters, such as the Sierra Instruments Model 840 or Sierra Instruments Model 830 series Thermal Mass Flow Meters that I worked with John, Dick, and James that we designed over 25 years ago.

Our Datalog Configuration Benefits

The Tactical Flow Meter boasts a power fail tolerant datalog storage system that is a significant improvement over conventional "SD Card" file storage/file management systems.

While both our datalog storage system and a conventional "SD Card" storage systems utilize flash storage technology our storage system concatenates each event or data at the end of the file using a simple pointer system where the pointers stored in EEPROM and the data is stored sequentially after the last event.

If the power goes out in the middle of a storage event in a conventional "SD Card" system and the entire file can be lost.  If a power outage occurs during the middle of writing an event in our storage system the worst case is corruption of a single event at most.

Again, SD Card technology can lose an entire file while the Tactical Flow Meter datalog storage system would only lose a single event.