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Methane and Natural Gas Mass Flow Meter 1/2" to 2" NPT

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INLINE METHANE MASS FLOW METER: 1/2", 1" and 2" sizes

Specifications for Inline Methane and Natural Gas Mass Flow Meter 1/2" to 2" NPT

Features LARGE LCD display, shows the Flow Rate, Total Flow

Natural Gas Flow Meter Display


The TFM-5700 Methane Flow meter outputs mass flow rate, total and outputs 4-20 mA as well as ModBUS RTU.

Methane Mass Flow Meter Flow Ranges

1/2" NPT TMF5700 Flow Meter 0-650 SCFH, 0- 10.8 SCFM

1" NPT TMF5700 Flow Meter 0-2500 SCFH, 0- 41.6 SCFM

2" NPT TMF5700 Flow Meter 0-6200 SCFH, 0- 103 SCFM

Note: The maximum "safe velocity" within a pipe for natural gas and other flammable hydrocarbons is 30 m/s

Natural Gas Flow Meter Specifications

Methane and Natural Gas Flow Meter Specifications

Natural Gas Flow Meter Features

  • Natural Gas Flow Meter for burners.
  • Methane Gas Flow Meter for Billing
  • General purpose gas mass flow meter
  • Fast response time, customizable to 1 msec
  • IP66 / NEMA x4 enclosure
  • Large dynamic range, over 100:1 S
  • Serial, Analog and LCD interface
  • Customer accessible 3 button user Interface

Natural Gas Flow Meter Wiring Guide

Natural Gas Flow Meter Wiring Guide

Natural Gas Flow Meter Wiring Guide

Methane and Natural Gas Flow Meter Dimensions
1" and 2" NPT Methane and Natural Gas Flow Meter Dimensions

Methane and Natural Gas Flow Meter Dimensions link

Series TFM-5700 Brochure for Methane Mass Flow Meter

Quick User Manual

Methane Flow Meter Part Number System

Natural Gas Flow Meter Plumbing guide

Methane and Natural Gas Flow Meter Plumbing Guidelines


TFM-5700 Series Natural Gas Flow Meter Principle of Operation:

Our TFM-5700 TOF Mass Flow meters feature our proprietary and state-of-the-art MEMS thermal time-of-flight mass flow sensor installed in a laminar flow channel that forms a boundary layer ensuring laminar flow exists in the desired measurement area.

The flow measurement, using our innovative time of flight MEMS technology, provides superior accuracy over conventional thermal mass flow meters. We utilize a a very low power micro heater that is pulsed where we measure the time the pulse takes to arrive at the measuring point located a precise distance away. The flow meter is a "mass velocity measuring machine" that measures the gas thermal properties to extract the density for true Mass Flow Rate Indication.

Methane Mass FLow Meter Time-of-Flight


Why is this an improvement over conventional Thermal Mass Flow Meters? Conventional thermal mass flow meters have sensitivity to the thermal properties of the gas as well as to the gas flow conditions. Our time of flight mass flow meter, utilizing the time of flight of micro pulses of thermal bursts of energy, has no sensitivity to temperature or gas properties when the system is "zeroed" in the desired gas. 

It is a pure "mass velocity" measuring machine that does not care about gas temperature or composition. Consider conventional thermal mass flow meters you may have used in the past that have to be calibrated for the specific gas and do not do well when the temperature of the gas changes rapidly.

The TFM-5700 series of Mass Flow Meters has no such sensitivity. As well, these meters are blazing fast compared to conventional thermal mass flow meters, and they take VERY VERY VERY little power to run.

Note: Our thermal mass flow meters are an improvement to most "top brand" flow meters on the market, we invite you to investigate them.