ModBus Simple Executable Download

ModBus Simple Executable Download

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Revision 14 is released Aug 27,2020  to update Coriolis to include TFM ModBus RTU Protocol and the Promass commands and to update Vortex and Turbine to series 2 devices. More helpful notes learned from users.

ModBus Simple is a ModBus RTU master simulator that is specifically designed to help developers of Modbus slave devices or others that want to test and simulate the Modbus protocol. for the TacticalFlowMeter line of products. 

Not having any fun getting your ModBus RTU to cooperate with any of our flow meters? If so, this utility may help you get going.

The purpose of this utility is to allow an engineer to run the program and read known values to demonstrate the capability of the flow meters to output the desired data. Some meters have constant known values that can be read to ensure the engineer can understand how to parse the data. Some devices use IEEE 752 methods for converting a 4 byte U32 into a float while either using a byte order of ABCD or CDBA or many other variations used in the industry.

Some meters use addressing using the PLC mode and others do not. Addressing schemes vary across all devices so we demonstrate the addressing scheme for each meter clearly. The video below may be sufficient for skilled engineers as well as going to the trouble of downloading the Zipped Installer file available for free.

Indeed, you will need to enter your email to get the file and will have the ability to download it shortly after you finish submitting your information.

The program is offered as a free utility with no warranties offered.

For more details please see our link on ModBus here

This program is a ZIPPED file that you may download and unzip into a file. 

Once unzipped run the Setup.exe on a Windows machine.

VERY NICE Online HEX Converter here See example image below...

HEX Conversion example for Tactical Flow Meter Float

Why do we charge $5.00? Because it keeps the lookie loos away... Sorry! No refunds on this product. Do not buy if you do not have a Tactical Flow Meter to implement using ModBus RTU slave protocol.
We will credit our customers with $5.00 if requested on their next order after purchasing this product.

How to use ModBus Poll for the Coriolis Mass Flow Meter:

Below is an EXAMPLE program for the Coriolis Mass Flow Meter: