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mag flow meter

1/2" to 12" MAG Flow Meter.

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1/2", 1", 2", 3", 4", 6", 8" & 12" ANSI PIPE FLANGE SIZE RANGES

MAG Flow Meters at the prices of High-End Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meters and feature accuracies of 0.5% of READING. 
Amazing Sensitivity for conductivity requiring a minimum of  5 microSiemens/cm (compared to more than 20 microSiemens/cm required for competitors)


MAG Flow Meter Display

Features LARGE LCD display, shows the Instantaneous Flow Rate, Total Flow, in user selectable units.













  • Electrode Material: 316L SS
  • Wetted Materials Teflon, 304 SS, & 316 SS
  • Flow Body Material 304 SS
  • Flow Velocity 0.3 - 12 m/s Nominal 0.3 - 10 m/s for 0.5% Accuracy
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5% of reading in water (From 0.3 m/s to 10 m/s)
  • Repeatability of +/- 0.15% of reading
  • 1/2" to 4" 150# ANSI flange connections, up to 8" available.
  • LCD Display
  • Temperature:                
    • Liquid: 14°F (-10°C) to 350°F (180°C)
    • Ambient: 14°F (-10°C) to 140°F (60°C)              
  • Power Requirement: 24 VDC  20 Watts maximum;   
  • Output signals: Modbus RTU, 4–20 mA, and 0-10 KHz for flow rate indication
  • Digital communications: Modbus RTU
  • Proof Pressure 1.6 MPa, 230 PSIG.
  • Display: Flow rate, Flow rate 0-100%, and total flow
  • Wiring connection to enclosure size: M20 x 1.5
  • Factory Final QC Test Certificate
  • Integral Electronics
  • Electronics Enclosure: IP65

Magnetic flow meters (MAG flow meters) are volumetric flow meters for measuring CONDUCTIVE LIQUIDS [Not Gases] (Min conductivity of 5 microsiemens/cm2) that operate without any moving parts and are ideal for potable water and wastewater applications as well as ideal for any conductive or water based clean or dirty fluid.  Magnetic flow meters will generally not work with hydrocarbons, distilled water, and many non-aqueous solutions as they require a conductive fluid of 5 microSiemens/cm minimum.

Mag Meter Product Overview

The table below gives a guideline of the nominal maximum GPM for various pipe sizes. Flows in well designed piping systems, to minimize wear and noise, and energy, are typically no more than 10 m/s max. Note these meters can easily go to 12 m/s for systems, such as high pressure fire fighting systems and blowdown systems.

Tactical Flow Meter MAG Meter Flow Rate Chart versus velocity and pipe size

MAG Meter Dimensions

1/2" to 12" MAG Meter Dimensions

MAG Meter Installation requirements:

Mag Meter Plumbing Requirements

Mag Meter Grounding Requirements

Quick video above showing how to use the front panel buttons. The SECRET password to CHANGE variables is 03210 where 00521 is for VIEWING only. To get back to NORMAL operation hold the Enter button (the rightmost button) for 3 to 5 seconds. Password to Configure Calibration is 19818

Video above shows how to set up the Flow Units and Full Scale for those units. Note that this scaling is for driving the 4-20 mA and the frequency output so that the Full Scale value at 20 mA and at full scale Frequency is the number that is set. In this case the 4-20 and the frequency will output 20 mA and 5,000 Hz when the display shows 200 GPM. If the display goes OVER 200 GPM the 4-20 and the Frequency will increase until it "bumps it's head" on the maximum value. If the value on the display is GREATER than the value in Full Scale then one would adjust this value to accommodate the anticipated maximum value.

The video above shows how to set up the meter for Pulse and Frequency and shows how the 4-20 mA is configured. 

Simulating and validating the 4-20 mA output using the User Interface with 03210 is detailed below. You may ALTER these values (AnalogZero and AnlgRange) using 03210 and they will revert when you exit.

Note the 4-20 mA output for this meter is POWERED by the meter. DO NOT connect to a PLC that provides 24 VDC. Connection is made to the 4-20 mA signal using a reading mode just like a Fluke Meter configured to read 4-20 mA DC. The MAG meter provides the 24 VDC for outputting the value to the INPUT of your PLC. Every PLC has the ability to be configured to read this type of 4-20 mA output. (Note: From the main menu the AnalogZero is 49 hits of the UP arrow.) (ADJUSTMENT of the 4-20 Output drive is attained using secret password of 19818 and is risky to use.)

If the meter indicates a NEGATIVE flow you may REVERSE the flow using Menu 8: Flow Direction and change it from the indicated value to either the REVERSE or FORWARD value.

Note: If the flow indicates a NEGATIVE FLOW number AND you know it is going from LEFT to RIGHT Menu 8 may be used to FLIP the sign. The Flow Direct is a "switch" to take care of the "Right Hand Rule" with regards to the direction of the current vector in Faraday's Law and does not require the direction to agree with the arrow on the meter.

If the meter indicates a  NEGATIVE flow on the display and does not output 4-20 mA it means that  Menu 13: SigmaN Ena can be set to ENABLE to allow the 4-20 to indicate flow in both the + and negative direction. Set Menu 13: SigmaN Ena to DISABLE if you do not want flow to indicate if the flow reverses. In this case the mA will go to 0 mA to indicate reverse flow, but not the magnitude in rate. However, the NEGATIVE Totalizer will account for the negative flow.

 See video below:

IMPORTANT NOTE: This meter is not a "Loop Powered" device, unlike almost all temperature and pressure transducers that are loop powered. This meter takes 500 mA to run so you can see that they can not be Loop Powered. It is CRITICAL that 24 VDC is NOT connected to the 4-20 mA signal lines of COM and I+ where COM is connected to the "low" side,-, of the 4-20 mA and the I+ is connected to the "high" side,+. Your PLC has a mode in it to read these meters that does NOT involve sending power to the meter. These meters are SOURCING the 24 VDC. Connecting 24 VDC to the Current Output lines may void warranty.

How to Simulate 4-20 mA on the MAG Meter.

The video below shows how to VALIDATE the 4-20 mA signal into your PLC or reading device. Note: If this DOES NOT WORK a likely cause is the power supply does not have enough "power" to provide to the meter. The meter requires a MAX of 500 mA so have a power supply that has the capability to DELIVER 500 mA, even on "start up" where the inrush current given to the electromagnetic coils can rush over 500mA for a few milliseconds.

How to Reset the Totalizer in the MAG Meter. The Password to set the password for the totalizer reset is 10000.  We show Clr Sum Key as the 24'th element in the menu structure. The video shows how to set the Totalizer Reset password to 10000.

How to use ModBusPoll on the TacticalFlowMeter MAG meter. Use this to ensure your configuration with your PLC is correct.

How to set the Low Flow Cutoff if your flow meter is not showing flows at very low flows. You will use this if you notice the flow meter shows 0 flow when you know there is very low flow. The meter ALSO likely has the Response time set at 10 seconds so it suppresses very low flows further. Refer to THIS chart to find the lowest readable flow on YOUR size flow meter.

Insertion MAG Meter overview.

View video above to see how an INSERTION MAG meter is installed, which is DIFFERENT than the flange meters on this product page. Please visit INSERTION MAG meter product listing if you discover you need an Insertion Mag Meter.

How to Linearize a MAG Meter:

Note: The following display orientations can be ordered so the user does not have to orient in the field. 

Flow Meter Display Direction Guide

Flange Pressure Ratings Chart:

ANSI Class Rating Chart from Class 150 to Class 2500

MAG Meter Quick User Manual and Wiring Instructions.

ModBus RTU manual for MAG meter 

 MAG Meter dimensions/ Installation requirements

Cut Sheets

12" ANSI Raised Face 150# Flange MAG Meter Cut sheet

10" ANSI Raised Face 150# Flange MAG Meter Cut sheet

8" ANSI Raised Face 150# Flange MAG Meter Cut sheet

6" ANSI Raised Face 150# Flange MAG Meter Cut sheet

4" ANSI Raised Face 600# Flange MAG Meter Cut sheet

4" 304 SS ANSI 150# RFF MAG meter CutSheet

3" 304 SS ANSI 150# RFF Remote MAG meter CutSheet

3" 304 SS ANSI 300# RFF MAG meter CutSheet

3" 304 SS ANSI 600# RFF MAG meter CutSheet

3" TriClover MAG meter CutSheet

4" 304 SS ANSI 150# RFF Remote MAG meter CutSheet

3" ANSI Raised Face 150# Flange MAG Meter Cut sheet

3/4" ANSI Raised Face 150# Flange MAG Meter Cut sheet

1 1/2" TriClover MAG Meter Cut Sheet

1" ANSI Raised Face 150# Flange MAG Meter Cut sheet

2" ANSI Raised Face 150# Flange MAG Meter Cut sheet

2" TriClover MAG Meter Cut Sheet 

2" 304 SS ANSI 150# RFF Remote MAG meter CutSheet

Ceramic, Al2O3, Wafer Mount MAG Meter CutSheet

Battery Powered MAG Meter Cut Sheet

3D STEP Files

Link to Copyrighted 3D STEP Files 

Where to get Power Supplies, Gaskets, Nuts and Bolts Link

MAG Meter Conductivity chart for various fluids. LINK.

Refer to this chart to ensure your fluid has sufficient conductivity to honor Faraday's Law that is the essence of the MAG Meter.


MAG Meter Theory and Wiring MAG Meter Theory and Wiring

Battery Powered MAG Meter Specifications Battery Powered MAG Meter Basic Specifications

4-20 mA Connection to Battery Powered MAG meter

Battery Powered MAG Meter 4-20 mA connection (Sink mode) 

Battery Powered MAG Meter User instruction video overview:

Battery Powered MAG Meter Cut Sheet

MAG Meter Grounding Ring Sets

Visit Grounding RIng page here

MAG Meter Grounding Ring Sets