Magnetic Flow Meters for Wastewater Management

Mag Meters For Wastewater


Accurately measuring the flow of materials in a wastewater processing facility is required to meet both safety and regulatory standards, as is making sure the right combination of chemical cleaning additive is used. There are several flow meters and solutions available to do this. This article will examine the advantages and capabilities of magnetic flow meters for these applications.

 How to buy a mag flow meter

Magnetic flowmeters—also known as mag meters­—operate on the principle of Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetism. The more conductive a fluid is—impurities make water conductive—the better it will be reflected in the readings, which makes mag meters suited for wastewater applications.


In broad terms, there are two types of wastewater treatment facilities: industrial and municipal. Both deal with wastewater in similar ways. In both situations, one will find:


  • Primary treatment consists of temporarily holding sewage in an evaporation basin where heavy solids can settle to the bottom, while grease and lighter solids float to the surface and are skimmed off.
  • Secondary treatment removes dissolved and suspended biological matter. This is usually completed through water-borne microorganisms in a managed habitat. This may require an additional separation process to remove the microorganisms prior to discharge or tertiary treatment.
  • Tertiary treatment is the final stage where disinfectant chemicals may be added before the water is discharged into a stream, river, bay, lagoon or wetland. It may even be used for irrigation of golf courses or parks.


In each step along the process, there are measurements of solids, fine particles and gasses in the flow. The readings will determine treatment options, such as how long the water should be in the evaporation tanks, how much fat and grease might be in the mixture, and what other kinds of material might require additional sampling of the water or added treatments.


Magnetic flow meters have a proven track record in the water and wastewater industry. With countless examples available online of their efficacy over time, mag meters have proven to be highly accurate with repeatable results within set operating parameters. They can work above or below the waterline.

Select your mass flow meter 

With the right additions, such as an electrode coating diagnostic tool, the mag meter can warn a plant manager of coating well before a failure occurs.


Similarly, a meter that alerts to potential problems, or problems developing, means the maintenance schedule can be proactive instead of reactive, which ensures personnel and resources are deployed in the most cost-effective way.


In a heavily regulated industry, having the right meters for the job can make a real difference in producing clean wastewater for discharge and keeping employees safe.